Warranty policy


A/  Warranty period

Hung Phat Equipment and Furniture JSC commits to customers that all devices supplied by our company are 100% brand-new and unused and applied all latest innovations in design and materials of the Manufacturer.

We would also like to ensure that all goods provided without disabilities arising from design, materials or techniques or by any act or negligence of the supplier that disabilities may arise during normal use

B/  General provision

All equipment are under warranty from the date of delivery stated in the Minutes of Delivery signed between the parties.

The buyer can sign a maintenance contract for equipment system for the years after the warranty period, subject to an agreement between both parties.

C/ Warranty conditions

The following cases will void the warranty:

- Customers remove warranty stamp

- Customers misuse the voltage, unstable power supply, bad connection to power source.

- Customers do not use corectly according to the specifications or instruction

- Customers drop during shipping after purchase.

- Due to natural conditions such as storms, floods, lightning or earthquake, etc.

- Due to fires, chemical, heat due to power instability.

- Customer self-disassemble, change the structure of the product, or the machine has not been repaired by technical staff of Hung Phat JSC or the agents of the Company. Warranty period immediately terminates if the Company detects that the users use spare parts and accessories not supplied by the manufacturer.

In the above cases, Hung Phat Company still performs the repair works but entire repair cost shall be borne in the Buyer.

Warranty card will not be valid if:

- Model number and serial number of the machine are not the same as number in Warranty card.

- Content of Warranty card is deleted or faded.

Warranty card is granted only one time for each product

Warranty Card is released by Hung Phat Equipment and Furniture JSC 

D/  Response time and Troubleshooting

- Warranty Engineer of the company will perform warranty work on site or at the Service Center of the Company if necessary

- The latest time for warranty staff to attend at the customer's working place is 16 working hours after receiving notification from the customer in writing, including Fax (except in case of force majeure due to natural disasters such as storms, floods, flooding, lightning or an earthquake, etc.).

E/  Responsibilities of each party

Hung Phat JSC

- Maintain and repair all equipments provided during the warranty period.

- Provide frequently and continuously accessories, as well as replace to maintain continuous operation of the equipment

- Guide customers how to use the equipment in accordance with the technical process.

End user

- Receive equipments and technical processes for using the machine, appoint persons directly in charge of equipment and comply with the technical regulations when operating the machine.

- Do not arbitrarily dismantle or repair it without consulting opinions of technicians of Hung Phat Company

- Provide timely information about the status of the device to the seller.

F/  Warranty procedure:

1. When there is a problem, customers contact and inform the incident to the service center of the company. Customers can notify by phone, fax and email etc., and describe the details of the incident.

2. Staff of customer care department will be standing by to receive notifications of customer for warranty and transfer immediately to the Director of the service center or customer service dept.

3. Director of service center or the customer service team analyze or predict error incidents, and may can contact the customer if necessary to receive more information about the incident.

4. Warranty Technicians may attend the customer's workplace.

5. Methods of warranty include partly or entire replacement. In case of severe damage, the equipment must be brought to the center for repair, and temporary replace by another equipment to ensure the continuous work of our customers.


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