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Easy School Net Evolution Specifications

Top System Company from Italy is a unit specializing in integrating and manufacturing software system to support education. Especially multimedia software solutions Easy School supporting teaching and learning has been developed since 1991.

Currently multimedia software solutions for language training Easy School have been deployed mostly in Italy for education system with more than 5,500 classrooms.

Top System Company is proud to be representing manufacturers from Italy and is one of the manufacturers providing innovative solutions, leading innovative in multimedia technology in education sector in the world.

Currently the product Easy School has been distributed in 25 countries with approximately 15,000 schools worldwide.

Top System Company is certified with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and has been operated for many years in the field of research and development of information technology to support teaching.

In Vietnam, Hung Phat Company is proud to be the representative as an exclusive distributor of all products of Top Systems Italy.



Easy School software solutions create teaching and learning interactive environmentbetween teachers and students. With many various features such as transmit signal in real time, can be integrated with peripheral devices easily.

Easy Schoo lmultimedia classrooms is a training application solution for all levels of education from elementary to university level and application in almost subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Foreign Languages, Informatics, History, Geography and various scientific subjects, etc.

Application in Mathematics

In Mathematics, in traditional classrooms, teachers will have to use many school supplies as compass, cross-staff, rulers ... to teach geometry. But with Easy School multimedia classrooms, just a few simple manipulations on simulation software integrated in the computer, teachers can create two-dimensional drawings, three-dimensional drawings to use in their lectures. In addition, teachers can draw the graph of secondary, tertiary or quaternary function or change the value of variables on simulation software. Not only that, teachers can save, edit to use in the next class. 

Applications in Physics - Chemistry - Biology

Physics, Chemistry or Biology always create difficulties for teachers when wishing to explain clearly the actual phenomenon. But that will be remedied with the laboratory equipment combined with Easy School multimedia classrooms. Just connect the data collected from the sensor of the experimental device integrated into the computer system installed with the software to display the results, the students will better understand the nature of things phenomenon in reality. Also, students can question back to the teacher, or propose topics for class discussions under the guidance of teachers, which may bring the excitement, and the love for science to students.

Applications in Foreign Languages

Given the nature of the foreign language courses is a combination of 4 skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing), the teacher can easily build their lessons combining the skills with Easy  School multimedia classroom. Here the students can listen to tapes or discs read by the indigenous people to practice skills in listening, speaking, and help students to have correct pronunciation and intonation, which is considered to be mandatory in the foreign language courses; at the same time, students can see the video in a foreign language with a very basic level with Vietnamese subtitle or advanced degrees without subtitles. Students listen to questions and answers lecturers, Group work, Pair work to discuss among students, teachers listen, guide and correct the students if necessary. Students can ask teachers to have direct answer, if the matter is noteworthy, the lecturers explain to the entire students, otherwise it may be the discussion only between the lecturer and one student or a student group. And especially teachers easily create quick quiz to test participants' knowledge on classroom management software installed for Multimedia classrooms.

Applications in Informatics

Informatics is the subject which requires continuously practice, but not every student can also acquire knowledge from the teacher's instructions quickly, so teachers often have to instruct directly to their students. However it will be avoided with Easy  School multimedia classroom. Because just sitting on teacher's desk, the teachers can manipulate easily in details for all participants to monitor. If any students do not understand, teachers can directly manipulate on students' computers through remote control function of classroom management software.

In addition, Easy School multimedia classrooms are also very efficient for teachers teaching social studies such as geography or history. Teachers can use the clips, use video collage software to create more vivid lesson for History as fighting in wars or the image of the region , ethnic groups in the country and the world for geography.





- Support one or multiple screens on Teachers’ computers

100% user-friendly, using intuitive graphical user interface
- Unicode Support
- Support Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows7

Support multiple teaching groups

Support up to 200 classes and thousands of computers in the same network.

Support to control many different classes, e.g. teachers can control one or multiple classes simultaneously.

To choose many different teaching languages.

- Compatible with all sound cards

- Control and save different audio source, set the volume level settings for various audio functions on Teachers, Students’ computers.

Turn on/off features that allow students to raise their hands.

- Reply immediately when students raise their hands.

Abort immediately when all students raise their hands.

Support display students’ screen on class diagrams

Save an unlimited number of classes, with separate diagrams, the number of students and group work ..

Display software version information in the Settings menu to support in the best way. Not need to change the parameters

- Lock / unlock the keyboard, the mouse of one, or all students in the class.

- Lock the screen, keyboard, mouse of one, a group, or all students in the class.

- Support Mic Mute

- Support multiple selection to display Student’s Windows log-in name / Student's Sign-in name / Student's name in Windows Active Directory / Student's computer name / Student Exam Certificate Number)  

- Store login information in the class of students.

- Remote control students’ computers.

- Turn on/off Learning PC, Log-Off, remote disconnect Students’ computers.

- Do not allow the students to use Ctrl + Alt + Delete

- Toolbar to arrange the place of classes

- The program automatically runs when the computer boots.

- Whiteboard function

- Provide full functions, powerful annotation tools in lessons and presentations.

- Select and change colors to different groups.

- Supplement / remove Group / icons easily.

- Update the information of Learners by clicking twice on the icon Students 

- Choose / remove Students in the group using a drag / drop.


Remote control and chat with a student in the same time.

Function to create whiteboards

Lock / unlock.

Record audio source, control volume level.

Display screen of a student (including all operations on Audio screen/High quality DVD/ Slide Powerpoint / Flash / Video ....) to the group, or all student in the class. Also allow teachers to chat with selected students.

+ Function to create whiteboards

Lock / unlock

Function of fullscreen

Record screen, control volume level.

Display screen of the teacher (including all operations on Audio screen/High quality DVD/ Slide Powerpoint / Flash / Video ....) to the group, or all student in the class. Also allow teachers to chat with selected students.

Function to create whiteboards

Lock / unlock

Function of fullscreen

Record screen, control volume level.

Talk to a student, student group or all students with clear sound.

Display the screen of a student, student group or all students (including all operations on Audio screen/High quality DVD/ Slide Powerpoint / Flash / Video ....) with 7 selection on the resolution of the screen of students from 32 x 24 to 1024 x 768.

+ Automatic switching between students’screens.

Remote Control students

Talk directly with students “Intercom”

Monitor the sound output on the students' Mic + Pc sound and audio level control.

Automatically display students’ screen respectively(including all operations on Audio screen/High quality DVD/ Slide Powerpoint / Flash / Video ....) on the teachers’ screen, with time display from 5 to 60 seconds.

Record screen and audio output on Teachers' Mic + Pc sound "WMV format

Choose students’ screen to record.


Collect outcome / distribute with real time from students’ computer

Control errors during file transmission.

Send files and folders to students’ computer, student groups, or all students.

Recover files sent to the students to the folder on the computer of teacher.

Start the application remotely on the computer of students “Word, excel...”

Launch remotely Web browser "Internet Explorer" to help teachers and students and browse a Web site

Control running applications on the computers of students, allow or prohibit the use or close all applications.

- Allow to send Audio & Video formats to one student, groups or all the students.

Support playback of video from the DVD drive of teachers.

Support multiple formats:

++ MPEG Files (*.avi, *.dat, *.mpg, *.mpeg).

++ Windows Media Files (*.wmv, *.wma, *.asf).

++ RM Files (*.rm, *.rmvb, *.ra).

++ Quick Time Files (*.mov, *.qt).   

++ MPEG2 Files (*.vob);  Audio Files (*.wav, *.mp3).

Exam system

Self edit

Examination Time countdown on the computers of teachers, students collect the works themselves when time runs out.

See the test before sending to students.

Support the answers based on the type of questions (True/false, fill in the blank)

Random automatic send the test to the students for 'anti-fraud'

Support more than one answer for each question.


Self recall the test, view grades, view statistics, extract reports.

Create Website filters

Allow / forbid students to access website.

Temporary suspension of Internet access

Create application filter.

Allow / forbid students to access to applications.

Temporary suspend access to prohibited applications.

Setup and store applications prohibited to access.

Set up and store the application allowed to access.



Group discussion

Easily add students to groups.

Easy drag / drop students from one group to another.

Send the topics for discussion (including text, images, voice) to all groups or selected groups.

Talk with any groups with sound, text.

Store the discussion section with audio, text.

Send at the same time 4 Video / Audio from 4 different signal sources, from external devices (including DVD, Camera, Wecam, DVR, VHS, TV ...) You can easily drag and drop the students, students groups watching this video to other video, while maintaining the transmission line, in accordance with the professional languages classrooms.

Send 12 Video/Audio simultaneously from CD / DVD at a time for all groups, students. Easily drag and drop the group, students through different videos while maintaining transmission and image and sound quality.

Random group discussion.

Automatic random selection students into the group, to choose the number of students per group from 2 to 8 students or entire students.

Easily add, remove students in the group.

Send the topics for discussion (including text, images, voice) to all groups or selected groups.

Discuss with each group in audio, or chat window.

Save audio, text on all groups

Exchange of sound for each group.

Talk via chat window with each group.


Lock and black the screen of students.

Talk via Chat window.

Enter a topic for discussion.

Save discussion.

Display List of students for discussion.

Copy the contents of the discussion.

Show student functions on class diagrams.

Student icons



Zoom in - Zoom Out

Automatic switching between screens of students.

Remotely Control students

Interactive two-way "Intercom"

Monitor the sound on students’ computers.


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